Firebird Princess

About Flame Point Studio


Hi! My name is Hana, and I am a fantasy artist. Currently I am based in verdant coves of Western Washington, but I was born in Ibaraki, Japan. 


While I relished my time growing up in the shadow of Mt. Fuji, I also got the chance to spend many of my early years living and traveling throughout the United States. Moving back and forth between the two countries exposed me to a great number of diverse people and places. In turn these experiences have guided the themes that drive my work today: myths, elements of the natural world, and inclusive diversity. 


Where I was born, I grew up as a minority and was profoundly grateful for the representation I found in illustrated fairy tales. I strive to pay that forward by working to create art that gives others that same feeling of recognition and belonging that I felt. I am a fierce believer that everyone should be able to see themselves represented favorably in art of all forms.

The majority of my work is done with ink and digital color, and I work with graphite, photo-illustrations, gouache, acrylics, and watercolors when it suits the piece. I have experience with Illustrator and other Adobe Suite programs, but have favored working with Photoshop in my career thus far.

My illustrations have appeared in non-profit magazines such as Circle Magazine and the Northwatch.

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